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  • Turn credits into cash
  • Reduce the cost of your conservation gift
  • Make a gift to your easement holder to fund stewardship costs

When you donate land or an easement, or sell your property for less than fair market value for conservation purposes, you may be eligible for a South Carolina income tax credit for 25% of the value of the donation up to $250 per acre. You can use the credits to the extent of your tax liability up to $52,500 per year.  You can carry forward any unused credits for an unlimited number of years, or you

can gift or sell any unused credits.  You can even donate credits to your local land trust to help

fund conservation efforts in your community.

Since your qualified gift is deductible at the federal and state levels, you may not have the tax liability to benefit from the credits on your personal tax returns. The SC Conservation Credit Exchange finds qualified buyers for your credits by educating taxpayers and their financial advisors about the benefits of conservation tax credits. We have developed year-round demand for the credits so you don't have to wait until year end to sell your credits.  You are eligible to sell your credits after you have filed your South Carolina tax return and claimed the credits.

To begin the process, follow the steps listed below. You pay no upfront fees. We deduct a transaction fee at the time of closing that covers the Exchange's expenses.
Six reasons conservation tax credit holders work with us:

Focus – We are the only organization chartered for the sole purpose of making a market in South Carolina Conservation Tax Credits. The Exchange was created with you and your needs – conversion of credits to cash – in mind.

Competitive Price – The Conservation Credit Exchange works to find buyers for your credits. We create a market for your credits by educating potential buyers and their financial advisors about the benefits of buying credits.

Professional Assistance – Unlike other states that currently allow the transfer of conservation tax credits, South Carolina requires not only notification to the state but also approval of the transfer before you can proceed. We work through the South Carolina Department of Revenue process to obtain approval.

Value – We ensure that you meet all of the steps necessary to complete the transaction. We help you gather the information necessary to sell your credits using simple forms; we review your credits to see if they meet our rigorous standards; we bring you a pre-qualified buyer; we process the transfer through the Department of Revenue.   We can work with your tax advisor to streamline the process and ensure your best interests are served.  In short, we do most of the work for you.

Credibility – While no organization can guarantee that the IRS won’t challenge the value of your deduction, we add vast experience and understanding about conservation easements, land trusts and tax rules. Our added level of review and credibility offers a higher degree of confidence to you – and to others – that your easement is both in keeping with the IRS and South Carolina tax code and is appropriately valued.

Commitment – Finally, we share similar interests. You provided a land or conservation easement donation not for the tax gains alone, but also because you care about your land and want to see it protected in perpetuity. We believe in the same goals.
Seller Steps for Consideration of Transfer of Tax Credits

Step 1: Call us, we will be glad to walk you through the steps.   704 975-3016.

Step 2: Email us a copy of your SC Form TC-19, Federal Form 8283, Summary of Appraisal, and

Gift Acknowledgement Letter.


Step 3: We will call you to let you know if we will market your credits.


Step 4: We will send you the transfer forms to complete the sale of your tax credits.  We will forward your payment to you when we receive transfer approval from the SC Department of Revenue.


South Carolina Conservation Credit Exchange helps owners of credits connect with potential buyers. The Exchange does not offer tax advice. Both buyers and sellers of credits must rely on their own tax advisors to advise them about the technical aspects of the sale, purchase and use of credits.
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